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Wallpaper previews are here, just wait a bit for the images to load then place your mouse on the link.
Wallpapers  made before 2006 come in 2 sizes - most after that are one size (1152X864) some newer files also
offer a wide screen version (1152X72)  so place your desktop on stretch.
Thanks to the following artists for allowing me to use their work: 
Maria William, Andrea Stewart, Ty Wilson, Abranda Icle Sisson, Norma Peters,
Brita Siefert, Steve Argyle, Eric Gooch, Matthew Mansour and Josephine Wall

Holiday Wallpaper


Fall Winter Spring Summer
Love Among the Leaves Winter Music Satin Tulips
Wrapped In Color Paris In January Printémps
Autumn Blessings Fun In Snow Amaryllis  
Autumn Garden Winter Flight Mums The Word  
Autumn Dance Blue Winter He Loves Me  
Autumn Past  
Industrial Autumn  
Gothic Autumn  
Faded Autumn  
Autumn's Kiss  
Goodbye To Summer  

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Updated: Friday, March 22, 2013 03:50 PM