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This site is purely for fun and entertainment.  Most of it is dedicated to "Desktop Decor" - aka DesktopThemes and Wallpaper.  Those of us who live for fun, get bored staring at the same old wallpaper every day.   So go forth and HAVE FUN!  BTW stupid Chrome does not play well with this site and is not showing some of the graphics.  Hoping to fix that in the near future but time schedules just aren't helping right now.  

* * All theme and wallpaper pages are set up to show the images so please give them time to load - around 30 seconds for a DSL connection, slower for dial-up and faster for cable/broadband.  I have decided to leave the screensavers as is.  Seasonal  and Holiday Wallpapers have their own pages.

  Be sure to Refresh Your Browser EVERY TIME you visit as links and file locations do change!

Updates:    12/31/12  Winter Flight, Happy 2013, Blue Winter
                         3/18/13 Redemption Revisited
                         4/5/14 Asian Rain
                         12/22/14  Snow in The City, Tree's on The Way

Updates will still come but I am currently in school so time
is short thank you for your patience.

Windows 7 Themes Are Here!
Want to convert the older XP themes for use in Windows 7?
Deanna at Theme Shack wrote a tutorial - find it HERE

Update Alert - If you would like to be kept updated as new themes and wallpaper are posted, please subscribe by clicking the link below.  All members of this list will have first crack and new themes and wallpaper before they are released to the major theme sites.  There is no fee for this service and I promise, your information will never be sold or used for spamming purposes.


COMMING SOON! - Themes  or Wallpaper in development
Soon doesn't always mean right away.  There is lots of thought and preparation that goes into a desktop theme or a wallpaper.  These are just my current projects in the making.  Please be patient.  If you have a request for a theme. please fill out the contact form and I will try to make it or help you find it if I can.  (updated 10/25/09)

Stand Alone Screen Savers

Wallpapers only section for those of you who just don't want all the bells and whistles.  Older wallpapers come in 2 sizes - 1024X786 and 800X600.  Those created in 2006 will be a single size only 1152X864 - beginning June of 2007 many new releases will also include a wide screen version (1152X720) for those of you who have wide screens and don't mind loosing part of the graphics.  Not ALL will include this wide screen as some graphics will just not be adaptable without really messing up the wallpaper.  These will fit well on most settings, when set to stretch, with very little distortion. 

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Installing Themes 101

Photo Impact Tutorials have been moved to a separate site.
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Theme Sounds:  Most themes on this site use the MPEG Layer3 format for sounds.  Be sure you have the latest version of  Windows Media Player.
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  This site currently uses the following font - Gill Sans M.  If a page doesn't look right, you may be missing something.  If you would like those fonts, Click Here to download.

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